The 10 most important memories to have photographed during your birth

Giving birth is one of the most magical and life changing moments you’ll ever experience.  Even if you aren’t hiring a birth photographer, you can still ask the nurses, your doula, or your spouse/family member to take some photos during labor, birth and after your baby is born.  Here are my top ten photo suggestions to make sure to get during your birth:

1. Your delivery room and setup – whether you are having your baby at home, in a birthing center, or at a hospital, your room’s setup will be one of the details you’ll want to remember to help bring you back, emotionally and mentall to your baby’s birth day.

2. Your labor support team – have someone take a photo of who is supporting you and waiting with you during your birth.  Is your family in the waiting room? Do you have a doula? A special nurse you love? Be sure to capture those important people that helped you through those moments.

3. The Waiting Room – who is at your birth? This may be different than your actual support team. This may be your in laws or older kids waiting in another room to hear the good news.  Seeing their emotional reactions and experience is priceless.

4. You, during labor – Some people may doubt that they’d ever want to see themselves struggling or naked, working through contractions, but hear me out.  You may experience a full spectrum of emotions during your labor, but you will come out on the other side to tell the tale. That being said, the time goes by and there can sometimes be a lot going on.  Sometimes unexpected and surprising things may happen during your labor and you may go from one room to another or one stage of labor to another without really being able to feel in control or present. Having at least one photo of you during labor can be an extremely healing piece to your mothering story, allowing you to remember those moments and see what you liked, what you didn’t and notice how strong you were through it all!

5. Your spouse while you’re in labor – whether your partner is your labor support person, or whether they are pacing the halls unsure of how to help, getting to look back on how they experienced your birth is another piece of your baby’s birth day story.

6. Birth – Bringing a baby into the world is phenomenal and rarely witnessed.  Having a photo of the moment your baby exits your body and breaths their first breath is emotionally riveting and deserves to be documented!

7. Baby’s First Hug – Depending on the kind of delivery you experience, you may get to hold your baby right after they come out.  Feeling your newborn skin to skin and holding them for the first time is so special and can really bring out that ‘wow, I did it!’ face for many moms.  Make sure the first time your partner holds baby is also documented!

8. Cutting The Cord – That first snip is the moment your bodies are no longer physically one unit.  It is often done by dad or partner and is a special moment where baby becomes their own person!

9. Baby’s measurements –  Once baby has had some snuggle time, usually the nurse or midwife will take baby to get weighed and measured.  It’s fun to see how big your baby is and how long they are, as each facet of their body is examined for health and beauty.

10. First Feeding – If you are planning to breastfeed, you may have the urge after your baby is born and swaddled to hold them close to your breast and see if they can have their first latch.  If you are bottle feeding, it’s the first time baby gets to be nourished from outside your body and a great time to start that bonding connection between you and your baby!

So there’s my list! What do you think? Did I leave anything out? Let me know what kinds of pictures you would want taken when you have your baby

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