Discover the Benefits of Family First Midwifery for Your Birth Plan

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When you’re creating your birth plan, you want options. While traditional choices work well for some people, they might just be completely wrong for others. If you have been considering a home birth, the first step before making your decision is finding a provider who will be there to support you. Family First Midwifery is a Phoenix practice dedicated to letting you have your ideal home birth. I would love to introduce you to this fantastic practice so you can decide if it’s the place for you. 

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About Family First Midwifery

8687 E Via de Ventura Unit 101, Scottsdale, Arizona 85258

Family First Midwifery is a practice that was opened by Jetta Anderson, a certified professional midwife. Jetta first became passionate about home birth when her first child was still in the newborn stage. Her own midwife had completely elevated her birth experience, and she wanted to provide that service for other families. Jetta now has over 20 years of experience. Her team is here to provide comprehensive care throughout pregnancy and delivery. They work primarily out of their Scottsdale office, but you can also schedule appointments at their second location in Peoria. 

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Meet the Team

Jetta founded the practice here in AZ in 2016 and serves as the main Certified Nurse Midwife. Madeline joined the Family First team in 2021 as the second CPM. Lastly, Ashley A. serves as the Director of Family Relations, Birth Assistant, Newborn Care Specialist, and Postpartum Doula.

Each brings a unique set of skills, experiences, and gifts to the practice. This diverse blend of backgrounds allows them to offer a comprehensive and personalized level of care. With a focus on creating a beautiful and safe home birth experience, this dynamic team is well-equipped to guide families through the entire process.

A new mom breastfeeds her newborn baby while sitting in a bathrub with flowers floating around them

Home Birth Services

The midwives at Family First Midwifery focus primarily on unmedicated home births. With their birth package, you will get full midwifery care from the very beginning of your pregnancy.

The Team Approach

When you choose Family First Midwifery, you’re not just hiring a single midwife but a dedicated team. Jetta and Madeline work in tandem, supported by birth assistants and student midwives. This collaborative effort ensures that you receive the highest standard of midwifery care throughout your pregnancy and birth journey. They will provide you with personalized birth planning so you can begin to get ready for your delivery. 

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Personalized Prenatal Care

At Family First Midwifery, appointments are more than just a quick check-up. With a full hour allocated for each visit, there is plenty of time to ask questions, discuss how pregnancy and life are going, address concerns, and, of course, hear your baby’s heartbeat! This extended time frame shows how committed their team is to building strong, trusting relationships with each mother and expecting family. You will get all your lab work done within their office. They understand that the key to a successful home birth is an education, and they will provide you with all the resources to ensure you feel fully knowledgeable. 

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Postpartum Support

As your due date nears, they will work with you to prepare your space for your delivery. They include birth kits as well as birth tubs in their services package. They will be by your side the second your labor starts so that they can empower you through it. But, the support doesn’t end with the birth. True to home birth midwifery care, Jetta and her team go above and beyond by offering postpartum visits. Following your baby’s birth, they will provide 4 in-home postpartum visits. The center offers flexible payment plans to keep it affordable. 

In other words, choosing Family First Midwifery means choosing autonomy and empowerment. Every decision made throughout your care is yours, and their approach aligns with the midwifery model rather than the medical model employed by OBs, which views pregnancy and birth as a natural event in a woman’s life, as opposed to a medical event. This level of freedom and trust sets them apart, giving you the confidence to make choices that are right for you and your growing family.

A new mom sits in a bathtub cradling her newbron baby against her chest thanks to family first midwifery

Doula Options

If you need a doula for your delivery, you can reach out to Family First Midwifery and let them know. Over the years, Jetta has gotten to work with some of the best in the industry. She can connect you with her contacts and find you the doula that works best for your situation! 

Build The Birth Team Of Your Dreams With Family First Midwifery

With Family First Midwifery, you will have personalized care so you can have the birth experience that’s right for you. Check them out today so you can meet the team! 

While you’re getting ready for your delivery, make sure you think about portraits. As a mom myself, I know all about how precious this stage is, and I want to make sure you can remember every minute. I would love to have a conversation with you and tell you all about my photography style so you can decide if I’ll be the one for you. Let’s chat soon!

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