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Dr. Ashley Deboer from Kokua Wellness giving a pregnant woman a chiropractic adjustment

Establishing care with a Perinatal Chiropractor is a great way to help you feel your best when you are expecting.  Based in Scottsdale, AZ, Kokua Wellness and Chiropractic is a holistic women’s health practice, where they primarily offer perinatal, pediatric and family chiropractic care. “Kokua” is a Hawaiian word that means “help” and it’s deeper meaning is to extend help to others in a sacrificial way, with no intent of personal gain. 

Dr. Erica and Dr. Ashley doing chiropractic adjustments on mom and her baby at Kokua Wellness in Scottsdale

About Kokua Wellness

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Kokua Wellness was founded by Dr. Ashley DeBoer and Dr. Erica Marbach,  longtime colleagues and friends, in 2021.  Kokua Wellness is an integrative wellness clinic for moms to gain resources, attend classes and have one place to go to address their entire healthcare needs holistically, in order to enable moms, babies and families to heal and thrive from the inside out.  Their dream was to have an office where moms, in any part of their motherhood journey, could get the care they needed, regardless of childcare, so it’s built to be kid and family friendly. They started building the team based on what kinds of needs came out of who she referred a lot of women to.

Dr. Ashley has an undergrad in human biology and then attended a 4 year Chiropractor program.  Her and Dr. Erica specialize in pregnancy, postpartum and babies and both are Webster Certified (a specialized way to balance the pelvis for pregnant woman). 

Dr. Ashley is Craniosacral Myofascial Certified and is able to support Lip & Tongue Ties.

female chiropractor examining a pregnant woman's pelvisfemale chiropractor examining a pregnant woman's pelvis at Kokua Wellness


The main services offered at Kokua Wellness are chiropractic care for pregnancy, postpartum, and infants, but they care for whole families as well.  Dr. Ashley and Dr. Erica have expanded their office space in the past year to include additional practitioners.  Each practitioner specializes in something different that brings better health to women during pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. 

The Kokua Wellness office includes a Kaytlin Brown – a perinatal massage therapist and Dr. Health Gibson – a pelvic floor therapist.  Additionally there is a naturopathic doctor, Dr. Trish Lehto  and Jess Hedgepeth, MS, LAC, PMHC –  a therapist specializing in perinatal and postpartum mental health. 

Family First Midwifery, a home birth practice, recently joined the space and their newest addition is Aida Gonzalez, RN, IBCLC – certified lactation consultant.  

As you can see, they have thought of every kind of support and care an expecting or new mom could ever want!

Naturopathic Doctor listens to a teenage girls chest prenatal massage therapist rubs the neck and back of a woman at Kokua Wellness Dr. Healther demonstrates an exercise to her client using an elastic band while sitting on a yoga ball


Although Dr. Erica and Dr. Ashley have similar ways of chiropractic care, they each do adjustments a little bit differently.  They can provide low force, high velocity, activator and drop table adjustments depending on what each person prefers and needs.  They do neuromuscular stimulation, cupping, cranial work, and myofascial release.  

Kokua Wellness hosts regular mom support groups, birth classes and pilates classes. Their space is super kid-friendly, making each of your sessions stress free.

To find out more, make sure to schedule a free phone consultations so you can ask any questions you may have about chiropractic care or any of their other services.  Your first visit is 45 minutes, which includes a thorough exam, history and treatment plan recommendations. 

My personal favorite is the fact that if you just had a baby, they offer in-home visits for the mom and newborn!

Woman chiropractor adjust sinuses of a young girl using an activator Dr. Erica at Kokua Wellness gently applies pressure to a baby girls skull to help baby girl feel calm and healthy Dr. Ashley of Kokua Wellness fells the spine alignment of a 2 year old girl who is smiling on an adjustment table

Kokua Wellness in Scottsdale, AZ

Kokua Wellness in Scottsdale, AZ is a one stop shop for expecting and new families to address all their healthcare needs.  Chiropractic care can make a huge difference in helping you feel your best and healthiest during pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.  Make sure to check out their instagram to find out more about them and their unique practice.  

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