Five Tips to help you get ready for your In Home Newborn Photo Shoot

As a mother of three and Phoenix Newborn Photographer, I know it can take a lot of effort to get things ready for an in-home newborn photo session. When it comes to photographing you and your family right after you’ve had your baby, I want things to be as easy and stress-free as possible. I know there is a lot going on and that if newborn photos feels to overwhelming, you won’t even think about it!

My favorite tips to help you prepare for newborn your session in your home:

  1. Choose your outfits as much in advance as possible and start with what YOU (mom) is wearing. You can make some new purchases or find something in your own closet and then coordinate your family’s clothing around that. I recommend NOT matching everyone together but going for a cohesive blend of complementing patterns, solids and colors.

  2. Think about what rooms you want to use and put away any dirty dishes but don’t clean up like crazy. I will tidy up where I decide to shoot when I get there and do NOT want you spending your energy and time cleaning for me, so don’t worry!

  3. Let your kids know that I’m coming to take pictures and it’s going to be fun! I plan on spending a little time getting to know them before I start so they feel comfortable with me

  4. Eat something yourself before I get there. I know this can be hard when you have a newborn but if you’re fed, you’ll have energy and feel more relaxed and everyone else will follow.

  5. Have some items on hand to make it easier while I’m here: special blankets or keepsakes you want to include, diapers, wipes, pacifiers and swaddles or onesies for your baby.

I want to make sure your in-home newborn photography session is easy for you and stress-free and that you look back on these photos and are able to remember the beauty of this time!

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