How to Choose a Family Photographer

I think there are five important questions you need to ask yourself when looking to hire a newborn or family photographer:

Decide if you like the photographer’s style of work

This may be obvious, but there are a lot of different styles of photography. I specialize in a lifestyle approach to my photo sessions, where I direct my clients to have natural and relaxed interactions with each other and I stand on the sidelines, allowing their innate connection to one another unfold in front of me.  I don’t promise perfect poses, nor do I like them and I may not even capture that many ‘smiling at the camera’ shots.  I believe that doesn’t truly represent your family and it’s not my style!  With newborn photography, I don’t do complicated poses or use extra props, I use simple swaddles and the warmth of the family around in one’s home to document the special time after your baby is born. There are other photographers who do more studio portraiture or perfect newborn poses in wraps and baskets.  You have to decide what you like.  Want to know why I think lifestyle is amazing?! Check out my post HERE.

Decide if you like the photographer’s personality

When you hire a photographer, you aren’t just paying them some money to take pretty pictures. You are inviting someone into your personal space to document your life and the people and relationships most connected to you.  Get a feel for the photographer’s personality by looking through their website, blog posts and by talking over the phone with them.  This is the reason I offer a complimentary consultation to every client interested in booking a session with me!  That’s right, even if they don’t book with me, they will have the chance to either talk over the phone with me or meet in person.  To me, it’s THAT worthwhile!

Decide if their photography services and packages are what you’re looking for

Notice I didn’t write “are they in your budget?” and that’s for good reason.  Budget is just one of many variables we use to decide what purchases we make.  Sometimes we may go into researching a purchase thinking we will spend x and then after doing further investigating we decide we want to spend more, or less! Whatever the case is for you, it’s good to have a budget, but it’s good to do your research and find out what the photographer offers and decide if that is what you want. 

Has this photographer come recommended?

Have you heard of them before? Are they newer to the industry? Have friends of yours hired them before? What was their experience like? Do they have review on google, yelp or FB reviews? All great questions. You want to make sure the photographer you are looking to hire has given other clients a professional and fun experience, and for newborn photographer, a SAFE experience too!

Does the photographer communicate clearly and quickly?

I know we are all busy, but I believe that if we are looking to hire a professional, we usually expect to be treated like we are working with a professional. If you’ve reached out to them, how long did it take them to get back to you? If they made a mistake (hey! it happens!), were they eager to apologize and right the wrong? Do they seem to communicate their offerings and style well, both on their website and in written or verbal communication? As busy moms and families, we don’t have the patience to wait to hear back from people weeks later. I believe that as a professional business owner, I have a duty and responsibility to the clients I serve to respond quickly, professionally and personally and I believe you deserve a response from me in no more than 24-48 hours.

Well, those are my top 5 questions that I think you should ask when looking to hire a professional newborn and family photographer. Do you have more? Let me know in the comments below and email me if you are ready to talk more about hiring me for your newborn and family photography needs!

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