8 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Book Family Photos

Are you one of those moms who feel the need to wait until they’ve shed a few pounds before scheduling a family photo session? Do you find yourself delaying because you believe you need to have your hair perfectly styled or your outfit impeccably chosen? Or maybe it’s about waiting for your kids to be older and more patient. Whatever your excuse, I mean reason, let’s put those thoughts aside and explore why waiting for the “perfect” moment might be doing you and your family a disservice.

They Grow Up Too Fast

We all can attest to the fact that our kids are growing up too fast, and some of us moms may even be creating ways to help their childhood last longer. These fleeting moments deserve to be documented through regular family photography sessions. Waiting for a time when you feel you look better could mean missing out on authentic memories that tell the story of your family’s journey. The laughter, the quirks, the love—it’s all part of the beautiful tapestry that makes your family unique.

Your Kids Look Up to You

Your children adore you just the way you are. By showing them that you’re confident in your own skin, you’re teaching them a valuable lesson about self-acceptance. When you embrace your appearance and show that you’re proud of who you are, your children are more likely to feel the same about themselves.

Photographic Memories of the Present

Family photos serve as timeless snapshots of your life together. When you look back at these images, you’re not just looking at appearances; you’re reliving the emotions, the connections, and the love that was present in that very moment. Capturing the essence of your family’s bond is what truly matters—not conforming to a certain image or style.

Beauty in Motherhood Goes Beyond the Surface

Your beauty as a mother goes far beyond physical appearance and I think we all need to be remind of that on the daily. The way you hold your child’s hand, the warmth in your embrace, and the smiles you share—these are the aspects that make you truly radiant. It’s the genuine interactions and moments of connection that define your family’s story, not external standards of perfection.

Embrace Self Confidence Through Action

Facing the camera, regardless of your perceived flaws, can be an empowering experience and I speak from experience. When I took some time to experiment with self portraiture and getting my own photos taken by other empowering female photographer friends, it boosted my own self acceptance tremendously. By stepping outside your comfort zone, you’re fostering a sense of confidence and self-assuredness that goes beyond appearances. These photos become a testament to your journey of self-discovery and acceptance.

Dress Right, Feel Amazing

Selecting the right outfit can be a game-changer. Clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident can boost your self-esteem during the photo session. Remember, it’s not about conforming to societal standards; it’s about expressing your unique style and personality. I make sure to send all of my photography clients a Client Styling Guide when you book a session with me to guide you on what to wear, whether you can find it in your own closet or need recommendations of shops to find the right outfit and style for your body type, style and the season of your session.

Book in Advance: Motivation to Embrace the Moment

If you’re apprehensive about being in front of the camera, consider booking your family photo session in advance. Setting a date can serve as a motivating factor to work on self-care, outfits, and overall preparations. This proactive approach will help you feel more prepared and excited about the upcoming experience.

Celebrate & Document Every Stage of Family Life

It’s time to break free from the notion of a “perfect” family. Embrace the present, the chaos, the laughter, and the imperfections. Your family’s unique personality, ways of interacting and loving each other are all what make you special and just right for each other. Every stage of life has its own beauty, and it deserves to be documented. Let your family, maternity and newborn photos reflect the genuine moments that define your journey.

Moms, you are already perfect as you are. Your worth goes far beyond the number on a scale or the way your hair falls. Embrace the opportunity to capture your family’s unique story through photographs, and let these images be a celebration of the love, connections, and joy that fill your life. Don’t wait for the perfect time; the perfect time is now.

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