Best Kid-Friendly Activities for Your In-Home Family Session

little boys jumps on his parents bed with the dogs and his parents and little sister snuggle at their in home photo session

Booking a professional family photography session is a wonderful way to capture the unique story of your family’s love and connection.  Ready to take it one step further?  Booking an in home family session is an even more intimate and personal way to document your family’s story.  In home family photography provide a relaxed and familiar environment, making it easier for everyone to be themselves. If you’re planning an in-home family session, consider these kid-friendly activities to keep things fun and engaging. Each activity not only helps in creating great photographs but also allows for genuine family bonding. Here are seven ideas to get you started.


little boys jumps on his parents bed with the dogs and his parents and little sister snuggle at their in home photo sessionUnforgettable Kid-Friendly Activities for your In Home Family Sessions

Craft/Art Project

One of the best ways to engage kids during in-home family sessions is through a craft or art project. Whether it’s painting, drawing, or making a collage, these activities allow children to express their creativity. Set up a table with all the necessary supplies like paper, markers, paints, and glue. Let the kids dive into their imaginations.

These moments are perfect for capturing candid shots of concentration, joy, and artistic expression. Parents can join in, helping their kids or creating their own masterpieces. The colorful materials and the children’s focus make for visually appealing and heartwarming photographs.

Reading Your Favorite Books Together

Reading together is another excellent activity for in-home family sessions. Gather the kids and their favorite books, find a cozy spot like a couch or a reading nook, and dive into the world of stories. This activity naturally creates intimate moments as parents read aloud and children listen or follow along.

The quiet concentration and the closeness of snuggling up with a book provide beautiful, serene images. It’s also a wonderful way to capture the bond between parents and children, highlighting the nurturing aspect of family life.

little boy gives an eskimo kiss to his baby sister who his mom is holdingCelebrate Meal Time

Meal times are full of opportunities for great photos and genuine interactions. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, gather everyone around the table. Encourage the kids to help set the table or serve food. The process of preparing, serving, and eating a meal can be full of candid moments.

Photographs of a family sharing a meal can capture laughter, conversations, and the simple joy of being together. It’s also a chance to document everyday rituals that are often taken for granted but hold significant sentimental value.

Giggle and Play at Bath Time

Bath time is a playful and intimate activity, perfect for in-home family sessions. Young kids especially enjoy splashing around and playing with bubbles and toys. Set up in the bathroom with some favorite bath toys and let the fun begin.  These moments are great for capturing the innocence and joy of childhood. The giggles, the splashes, and the tender care from parents as they wash and dry their little ones make for truly heartwarming photos.  It doesn’t have to be your regular bath time either – who said you can’t take a bath at 10 in the morning? 🙂

mom, holding baby girl, and dad both hold their toddler sun and swing him in their backyard in home session in Scottsdale, AZ Play an Outdoor Activity or Sport

If your home has a yard or is close to a park, incorporating an outdoor activity can add variety to your in-home family session. Playing catch, soccer, or even a simple game of tag allows for action shots and lots of laughter.

Outdoor activities are perfect for capturing energy and excitement. The natural light and open space provide a beautiful backdrop. These photos show the family’s active side and the fun they have together, creating a dynamic contrast to indoor shots.

Board Games and Card Games

Board games and card games are fantastic for in-home family sessions. Choose games that are age-appropriate and engaging for everyone. Set up a game night atmosphere with snacks and drinks, and let the games begin.

These sessions can capture a wide range of emotions – concentration, competition, joy, and sometimes even frustration. The interactions between family members during a game can be priceless, showing teamwork, rivalry, and lots of laughs.

Cooking or Baking Together

Choose your favorite recipes and get busy!  Cooking or baking together is a fantastic way to engage kids and create memorable moments. Choose a simple recipe that everyone can help with, like cookies, cupcakes, or pizza. Let the kids take part in measuring, mixing, and decorating.

The kitchen is a hub of activity and provides numerous photo opportunities. From the flour-covered faces to the concentration while decorating, these moments are both fun and picturesque. The process of creating something delicious together also enhances the sense of family unity and cooperation.

mom snuggles her baby girls at their in home session in Scottsdale, ArizonaMake Your In Home Family Session Memorable

In-home family sessions are more than just photo shoots; they are a chance to spend quality time together. Activities like crafts, reading, meal times, bath time, outdoor sports, games, and cooking not only keep the kids engaged but also create a relaxed atmosphere. This allows the photographer to capture genuine, intimate moments that truly reflect the family’s unique dynamic.

These sessions offer a glimpse into the everyday life of your family, providing cherished memories and beautiful photographs. The authenticity and comfort of being at home bring out the best in everyone, making in-home family sessions a wonderful experience for the whole family.

Interested in booking and planning your own in home family photo session? As a Scottsdale Family Photographer, I’d love to work with you and get you on my calendar this summer! Even if you aren’t sure about wanting to do photos in your own home, I can offer various home-like studios to do your photos.  Reach out today so we can start planning together!

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