Shop Local at Hissyfits: Consignment for Kids and Families

1 year old girl learning to walk while her mom holds her hands in a cute consignment dress from Hissyfits

1 year old girl learning to walk while her mom holds her hands in a cute consignment dress from HissyfitsStep into a world of wonder at Hissyfits, where families are welcomed into a treasure trove of unique finds, boasting high-end Kids Clothing, Toys, Furniture & Equipment. Since 2007, Hissyfits has stood as a beacon for quality, affordability, and a touch of magic, catering to the discerning tastes of Arizona’s families.

Shop Local Consignment for Kids at Hissyfits

Shopping at Hissyfits is a great experience for moms and kids. As a mom, shopping for kids can be tough, so having a wide variety of styles, sizes and brands to choose from at great prices means less stress for you! Hissyfits has clothing, toys, furniture and more from premium brands at consignment rates and bringing your kids is fun and easy, too!

Save at Hissyfits without Compromising Quality

Experience the thrill of savings without compromise. As a consignment store, your family will be able to stretch your budget without sacrificing quality. You’ll find stylish clothing and top-notch furniture and toys, all at prices that make shopping a breeze. With every purchase, their store proves that affordability doesn’t mean sacrificing style or substance.

Family of three looking at a blue mural behind glass in downtown Phoenix during family photosSupporting Local, Sustaining Community

Beyond the allure of savings, shopping at Hissyfits is a testament to supporting local businesses and fostering community spirit. By choosing to shop locally, your family is contributing to the livelihoods of fellow Phoenix families and neghborhoods.  Rather than shop at big chain stores, purchase from this small business to help support our community’s local economy.

Great Service Means an Easy Selling Experience

At Hissyfits, the consignment process is super simple, designed to offer convenience and peace of mind for busy moms. Consigners can rest assured that their items will be priced fairly and displayed with care, maximizing exposure and potential earnings. You can opt for store credit or cash when you choose to consign.  This allows you the flexibility to choose what suits you best, making the experience as rewarding as it is seamless.

mom and dad holding baby girl between them at an outdoor Phoenix park while she holds a stuffed animal from Hissyfits


In addition to its impressive array of gently used items, Hissyfits also boasts a curated selection of new unique kids clothing, gifts, novelties, and accessories, ensuring there’s something special for every occasion. Whether it’s a standout outfit for a family gathering or a one-of-a-kind toy to ignite imagination for your kiddo, Hissyfits is the ultimate destination for families seeking quality, affordability, and a touch of magic.  When you choose to support your community by shopping at Hissyfits Consignment, you’ll have a great time and spare your wallet.

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