5 Indoor Newborn Photography Tips for a Relaxed Experience

baby boy laying with only a diaper on a white blanket during an indoor newborn photography session

Welcoming a newborn into your family is a remarkable journey, filled with tender moments and boundless love. As a Phoenix lifestyle newborn photographer, I understand the importance of creating a stress-free and relaxed environment for capturing these precious moments. If you’re gearing up for an indoor newborn photography session, you’re in the right place! In this blog post, I’ll share five invaluable tips to ensure your in-home newborn photoshoot experience is nothing short of magical.

comfortable indoor newborn photography session where mom and dad are on their stomachs on the bed holding baby in front of them and kissing each other

5 Tips for a Relaxed Indoor Newborn Photography Session

Indoor newborn photography sessions offer so many benefits for the entire family. For mom, it’s an opportunity to capture the radiant glow of motherhood and celebrate the precious bond between her and her newborn without having to leave the home newly postpartum. For baby, it’s a chance to be lovingly documented in the cozy comfort of their own home, surrounded by familiar sights and sounds. Siblings can join in on the fun, creating heartwarming memories as they cuddle up close to their newest family member, fostering a sense of connection and love. Being home means it’s also easy for antsy toddlers to take breaks and grab a snack. And for dad, it’s a chance to witness and participate in the joyous moments of family togetherness, creating lasting memories that he’ll cherish for a lifetime. That means that indoor newborn photos provide a tangible keepsake of love, warmth, and the beautiful family you are creating.

Dress for Comfort & Ease

When preparing for your indoor newborn photography session, prioritize comfort and ease. Choose clothing that allows you and your family to move freely and feel relaxed. Soft fabrics and cozy textures are key for both parents and newborns. I recommend earthy and pastel colors for the whole family.  You always want to go for embracing your family’s style while coordinating and NOT matching.  Remember, the goal is to capture genuine moments of connectio, so opt for outfits that reflect your family’s individuality and make you feel at ease.

baby boy laying with only a diaper on a white blanket during an indoor newborn photography session

Embrace the Mess and Don’t Stress

I always tell my clients – DO NOT CLEAN BEFORE I COME.  The way my indoor newborn photography sessions work is that I choose one or two rooms to do most of your photos and will tidy any areas that will be in the photos. Otherwise, I am an expert at being able to photograph around all the typical family clutter and mess.  I don’t expect families to clean their homes when they’ve just had a baby.  Please don’t put that pressure on yourself, either! A lived-in home adds warmth and authenticity to your indoor newborn photography experience. Focus on creating a relaxed and inviting atmosphere where genuine moments can unfold effortlessly.

Include Everyone – Pets and all!

Newborn photography sessions are a celebration of family love and connection. Don’t forget to include every member of your family, furry friends included! Pets and siblings bring an extra layer of joy and authenticity to your photos, capturing the true essence of your family dynamic. Make your indoor newborn photography experience truly kid-friendly by embracing the chaos and inviting everyone to be part of the fun. If you are going to have grandparents in town during your session, let’s be sure to get some photos of them as well! Having these memories of multiple generations captured will mean so much to you in the coming years.

Indoor Newborn Photography Makes Taking Breaks No Big Deal

Long photoshoots can be tiring, especially for little ones. Remember to expect regular breaks to rest, recharge, and nourish with snacks during your newborn session and know that we will have plenty of time for it. Keep a selection of kid-friendly snacks on hand to keep everyone energized and happy throughout the session.  I recommend no-mess snacks like grapes, cheerios, pouches and sippy cups. Taking breaks not only ensures everyone stays comfortable but also provides opportunities for bonding and relaxation amidst the excitement.

big sister holds baby boy while he's swaddled in a mustard yellow swaddle sleepingMid-Morning Scheduling is Best

When scheduling your indoor newborn photography session, aim for mid-morning.  This is when natural light floods your home and is soft and flattering. Mid-morning light is perfectly cozy for capturing tender moments with your newborn. You should avoid harsh midday sun or dim evening light, as they can create unflattering shadows and affect the overall quality of your photos.

Indoor Newborn Photography Tips for a Great Experience

Crafting a memorable indoor newborn photography experience is all about creating a stress-free and relaxed environment.  We want genuine moments to unfold naturally. By following these five tips, you’ll be well-equipped to capture the magic of your newborn’s early days with comfort and ease. Remember, the key is to embrace authenticity, cherish the chaos, and focus on creating meaningful memories as a family.

If you are expecting and want to make sure to have your baby’s first days and weeks captured to remember forever, reach out to me so we can schedule your Phoenix newborn photography session!  I provide all the wardrobe and preparation tips you’ll need for a smooth and laid back experience that your whole family with enjoy!

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