Newborn Care Solutions: Finding the Best Newborn Care Specialist

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In the whirlwind of welcoming a newborn into your life, one thing is for certain – you want the absolute best care for your little one. That’s where Newborn Care Solutions steps in, offering an unparalleled service in connecting families with expert Newborn Care Specialists. From coast to coast, their team of dedicated professionals ensures that you and your bundle of joy receive the support and care you deserve.

Newborn Care Solutions is not just a service; it’s a lifeline for parents seeking the highest standard of care for their newborns. Founded by Todd and Tonya Sakowicz in 2015, this agency has grown from a dream to a force in the industry. Tonya, with her extensive background as a newborn care specialist and a nanny agency owner, brought a unique perspective to the business. Her husband, Todd, recognized the potential in this vision and brought his expertise in real estate and business consulting to the table.

Today, Newborn Care Solutions has trained over 5,000 newborn care specialists. Their commitment to excellence has earned them awards, recognition in the press, and praise from industry organizations. As parents themselves, Todd and Tonya truly understand the deep desire to provide exceptional care for your babies, allowing moms and families to thrive.  As a result, they bring that passion to every aspect of their agency.

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About Newborn Care Solutions

Based in Phoenix, and extending their services all over the US, Newborn Care Solutions has made a mark in the industry with its impeccable reputation. Not only is their agency widely known and respected within the various agencies out there, but the personal touch they bring to every placement is something that makes them unique and easy to work with. It’s a family-run business with a strong woman at its helm, which means you get the care and attention you’d expect from a trusted friend.

Additionally, their placement director, Maryann Robbins, has a background in early childhood education, lactation support and working as a nanny herself for families for many years.  With her expertise as a CACHE Certified Newborn Care Specialist, CAPPA trained Postpartum Doula, and Lactation Educator, Maryann brings her knowledge, skills and empathy to every family she places a Newborn Care Specialist with.

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History & Background

The founder, Tonya Sakowicz, started off her career as a Newborn Care Specialist and then transitioned into owning a nanny agency in Seattle.  After that, Tonya shifted gears and started offering education and professional development opportunities to other Newborn Care Specialists.  Tonya’s vision was to revolutionize how families connect with newborn care specialists, and together with Todd, they’ve turned that vision into reality. Their dedication to science-backed, education-focused care has set a new standard.


Newborn Care Solutions has a meticulous approach to candidate selection. Since Newborn Care Solutions started off as a training program for Newborn Care Specialists, they have access to only the best of the best.  In addition, many of the specialists possess additional skills like doula and lactation consulting. In other words, you get more than just a caregiver; you get a support system.

The process to finding and hiring your Newborn Care Specialist is simple and straight forward.

  1. Complete your family profile through the provided link and receive additional agency information via email.
  2. Schedule a call to discuss your needs and find the perfect fit for your household.
  3. Sign the agreement to initiate the recruitment process from their experienced pool of applicants.
  4. Meet and interview vetted candidates, utilizing provided interview questions and guidelines.
  5. Select your preferred Newborn Care Specialist and undergo hiring, onboarding, background checks, and certification verification.
  6. Await your newborn’s arrival with confidence, receiving periodic check-ins and guidance for a smooth transition on their first day.

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A Newborn Care Specialist, formerly known as a ‘baby nurse,’ is someone who is highly trained in child care in the home, specializing in baby care in the first 12-16 weeks of life.  Not only do they provide support for baby, but they are also able to help educate and encourage new parents on the various milestones and parenting skills.

The expert care and attention that Newborn Care Specialists offer to baby and family mean that you can recover from childbirth and more easily adjust to your life with your new baby.

Newborn Care Solutions goes the extra mile to ensure the safety and privacy of your family. For examples, they have an in-house screening process that is thorough and you are only introduced to a candidate once their stringent standards have been met. Therefore, you can rest easy, knowing your little one is in capable and trustworthy hands.

mom holding her swaddled baby girl in a terracotta swaddle Newborn Care Solutions

In the rollercoaster ride of parenthood, finding the right care for your newborn is a crucial step. Newborn Care Solutions, with its unmatched expertise, dedication, and personalized approach, stands as a beacon of trust. The best time to start looking into support for after childbirth is when you’re pregnant.  The next best time is when you’re already a new mom, wanting additional guidance and support. Their network of specialists is ready to support you through this incredible journey.  In conclusion, Newborn Care Solutions is not just a service, rather they are your partners in ensuring a beautiful beginning for you and your newborn.

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