Planning for your Outdoor Family Photos

Planning for a family photos can be super exciting but also a bit overwhelming, right? I totally get how important it is to get real and genuine moments captured during your session while making sure the whole experience feels relaxed and enjoyable for everyone. In this blog post, I’ll walk you through planning your outdoor family photos, from choosing the perfect location to day of prep.

Choose a Perfect Location for Your Outdoor Family Photos

So, here’s the deal: we’re gonna choose the location together. I want to make sure it’s exactly what you envision for your family portraits. We’ll chat and figure out what’s important to you. Whether you want something close by or have a specific vibe in mind, I’ll use my experience to suggest some awesome options. It’s all about creating a backdrop that tells your family’s story and showcases your unique personality.

Wardrobe Preparation: Feeling Pretty and Like YOU

Let’s talk about what you’ll wear for the photoshoot because it can really make a difference but can also feel overwhelming. I’m here to help you out! Whether you want to rock your own clothes or need some fresh new pieces, I’ve got your back. We’ll chat about coordinating colors, styles, and accessories to make sure everyone feels pretty and stays true to themselves. I want you to shine and feel amazing during the photoshoot. I have suggested clients lay their outfits all out on the floor and snap a picture that they send me so I can give my feedback and suggestions. I also provide a detailed Styling Guide for my clients with detailed tips and best places to shop for outdoor family photos.

A Relaxed Session: Capturing Genuine Moments

When it’s time for the actual photoshoot, just sit back and relax—I’ve got this! Dads, I know you might feel a bit unsure about the whole thing, but trust me, I’ll make you feel comfortable and at ease. Moms, I want you to enjoy yourselves and feel beautiful. And as for the kids, don’t worry—I’ve got plenty of tricks up my sleeve to make it fun and playful for them. No pressure, no annoyance, just genuine moments of joy, love, and connection.

The Day of Your Outdoor Family Photos CAN be chill

Sometimes you spend all this time and energy getting ready for your session but then the day comes and all hell breaks loose. The best way to avoid this common stressor is to plan ahead. Have your clothes laid out a few days before and put away so they stay clean. Don’t schedule too many activities or extras on the day of your session. Make sure everyone is fed ahead of time and be sure to prioritize your own needs!

If you are planning your outdoor family photos and want even more tips for an easy and fun family photo session, be sure to sign up below to my newsletter. I’ll send you my top tips on making the day go smoothly and you’ll also get first access to my fall calendar when it opens up. I can’t wait to for you to see how these tips help you have more fun and joy during your family photos!

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