Tops Tips on Photographing Your Own Kids


If you’re a parent who loves taking pictures of your kids but you have a hard time getting the look you want, then read on!

The following are my top five suggestions to help you get better pictures of your kids!

First off, remember WHY you’re taking those photos! Your kids grow up fast and you’re going to want to have a record of all their quirky personality traits and the memories you are constantly making with them!  Pictures don’t have to be perfect or professional to remind you of those memories years later!

Second– lighting is key! Always try and take pictures of your kids in a spot where there is open shade. What do I mean by open shade? Meaning- it’s nice and bright outside but your kids body is actually in the shade. When we take pictures of anyone in bright sun- they end up squinty eyed and having dark shadows on their face. If you’re indoors, try and make sure whatever light you are using isn’t making strange patterns on their face.  A small adjustment in where they’re sitting can make a big difference in the finished product! Check out those eyes below!

Third – Regardless of what camera you’re using, stay focused! Do you get blurry pictures? You could be moving your camera or phone while pressing the shutter (the button that takes the pictures). Make sure to hold yourself still (take a deep exhale and hold the camera with two hands) and wait for the camera to lock focus before clicking.

Fourth – Place your child’s face off center.  There is a rule in photography which you may have heard of called the “rule of thirds”. Many of us might even use it without realizing.  You know that tic tac toe looking guide on your phone screen or camera LCD? That splits each side of he frame into thirds. Good design dictates that if you place your main subject on one of the intersecting points of that goes or one of the lines, your image will be more flattering. So stop trying to put your kids face smack in the middle of the frame. Instead, put your kids eyes on one of those lines or spots and see how much better your photos look!

Fifth – We don’t always realize, but since we are much taller than our kids we tend to take pictures of them from our vantage point. The problem is, it makes them look small, instead of showing the full characters jay they really are!   When you are getting ready to take a pic of your kids, try bending down so you’re eye level with them and then your photo will show better represent their personality.


There you have it! Five tips to help you take better pictures of your kids!


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