Why you’re missing out if you don’t book an In Home Newborn Session

Having a newborn means lots of nursing, diaper changes (for mom and baby) and coffee! There are few times more exhausting and overwhelming than the time right after you have a baby, which is why I provide an easy and relaxed way to document and memorialize this special and fleeing time in your life by offering in-home lifestyle newborn photography!

Preparation for In-Home Newborn Photo Session

These are the best reasons to book your newborn photos in your own home in Phoenix:

  1. You don’t have to leave your house!

  2. You will have all of your baby’s and your kid’s snacks, diapers, and other needs easily on hand and not have to worry about forgetting anything.

  3. If there are any messes (baby blowouts, spit up), you’ll have easy access to your clothes and we can do a switch.

  4. Your other kids and husband will be able to relax a lot easier because they’ll be on ‘their turf’.

  5. I’ll be able to capture you and your family in your natural environment, which will feel more authentic when looking back on the images years later.

  6. When we’re done with the session, you can curl up in bed and take a nap!

I promise you’ll feel so much more relaxed and less overwhelmed with an in-home newborn session. Be sure to reach out today to book your session!

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