Why I love in home newborn photography more than studio newborn photography

I know what it’s like to be newly postpartum and not only feel exhausted and achy but also how everything feels so hard when you’ve just had a baby.

That’s why I love in-home lifestyle newborn photography. I want this process and session to be as relaxing and easy as possible. I make sure our communication is simple and give you my session prep guide beforehand so you don’t have to stress. I also give you access to my Client Closet, so you don’t have to worry about shopping for your session.

Picking out clothes for a session, packing food up and getting your new little family all in the car and off to a studio can be stressful and feel like a lot of work when you’ve just had a baby. Instead of all that, choose to get your newborn photos done in your home, where you and your other children have everything you need, all your food and daily comforts and where I can use the natural light in your home and direct you to some great spots around the house to capture natural and relaxed newborn and family photos.

To download a Free Guide on Preparing for In-Home Newborn Photos CLICK HERE!

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