What is Lifestyle Photography?

It’s taken time for me to define the kind of photographer that I am, but from the very beginning of my photography journey there has always been a certain type of photography that I’ve been drawn to and wanted to create for the families I work with. I’ve settled on calling myself a Lifestyle Family and Newborn Photographer and work with families in and around the Phoenix valley area. But what really IS a Lifestyle Photographer?



We all know the traditional portraits of everyone sitting or standing still, maybe in matching outfits, all smiling at the camera. The way everyone looks unhappy to be there, but is smiling at the camera for mom, or for grandma or because they are being bribed with candy or a fun outing. The way those photos end up reminding you of how stressful the day was and what a pain the kids and your husband were when you were just trying to do something nice as a family!

Lifestyle photography is my way of reimagining the family potrait, where I can provide a fun, relaxing and connection-rich photo session experience that combines a mix of directed, slightly posed portraits with documentary photos of your family have a genuinely good time together.

A lifestyle photography session focuses on the real life interaction and connection between you and your loved ones. The ones you will cherish forever, holding hands, kisses and close snuggles.

Family life can be hectic, especially at the transition stages of life, like being pregnant and having a new baby. I do everything possible to go with the flow and allow for a relaxing and calm photo experience. That’s why sessions are at least an hour long – so we don’t have to rush and we can take breaks. For newborn photos, I schedule them IN YOUR HOME within the first 6 weeks of your new baby’s life.

For family photo sessions, I guide you into flattering positions and poses, but then I let the family dynamic take over and ask you to look at each other more than at the camera. I encourage closeness, connection, snuggles and silliness so everyone, especially mom and dad can relax into their family togetherness. I love taking families to new and beautiful places around Arizona, so it feels more like an adventure than a boring task.

For in-home newborn sessions, I do what is called ‘baby led posing’, meaning only natural and comfortable positions for baby, enabling for very authentic, real-to-life portraits. I believe babies are beautiful without any additional props or accessories. You will get a touch of direction from me to ensure you are in the best light. We will plan some activities to keep your mind off the camera and provoke those real emotions, but most of them will be every day tasks you’d be doing with your family anyway.

Family life is challenging and yet beautiful. I want to capture your life in a way that allows you to enjoy those memories exactly as they were. For more information or to book a free consultation, click below!



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