New Moms deserve a Postpartum Floral Bath Photoshoot

I am really excited to start offering a new and special kind of session that is near and dear to my heart. You know how right after you have a baby, in those first days postpartum, you feel gross and floppy? How you feel tired and awake at the same time? How you want to snuggle your baby to the point of almost putting them back inside you because they have finally arrived and yet at the same time, you can’t believe that you’re NOT pregnant anymore?!?

I’ve been there. I remember those days. The way you birth and experience postpartum can have a huge impact on how you mother your children after that as well. Birth and postpartum isn’t just a one and done deal.

Mom and newborn baby girl snuggling in a floral bath postpartum

Newborn baby girl naked in the bath with her mom holding her close

Close up of newborn baby's wet head of dark brown hair

So often, though, the time right after your newborn baby is born, all the focus and energy is spent being all gaga on the new baby and not enough time and effort is spent on helping you with your physical and emotional recovery from birth. Or helping you feel comfortable and at peace with your new body post-birth.

Mom breastfeeding newborn baby girl

newborn baby's naked butt with mom holding her close

This understanding and recognition is what led me to try doula work a couple years ago – an aching desire to share my own experiences with other new moms and help empower and nourish them through those first days and weeks, so that they would have support and community when they go through the biggest change of their life.

I have created the Postpartum Photo Sessions. These are mom-centered. Yes, they are like newborn sessions, but they are honestly so much more than that. These sessions are focused on beautifying and honoring the mother-baby dyad, the new being that you’ve created and the new person you are becoming as a new mother. These sessions are more RAW, INTIMATE and SENSITIVE than a typical newborn session because we spend more time together just you and me and the baby.

There is lots of nakedness, lots of laughter, maybe some tears and a whole lot of pampering. Part of this session experience is that I bring fresh flowers (with the color of your choice) and we do a floral bath with you and your baby together. I also bring one or two of your choice dresses from my Client closet to help you feel even more beautiful when you are in front of my camera.

artistic blurred image of postpartum mom holding her newborn baby next to a shadowy alcove

Postpartum mom taking a floral bath with her baby

We talk and share and connect on a deep level as I document this sensitive and vulnerable time in your life and my passion and vision is that when you receive the photos at the end, you feel strong, beautiful and cherished.

Here’s what one mom had to say:

“You truly do have an amazing talent, RL. These photos mean more than you know to me and my family. I’ll be recommending your services every change I get!” – Caitlyn M

Needless to say, I am so excited to offer this kind of postpartum photographer session for new moms!

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