Nurtured Mama Scottsdale: Elevating Prenatal and Postpartum Wellness

pregnant mom holding her belly with both hands in a rust velvet gown with the sun setting behind her at the Salt River

The many stages of motherhood, from pregnancy through postpartum, can take a toll on your mental and physical health. The benefits of body work, such as massage therapy, have been shown to improve and stabilize your physical, mental and emotional well being.  Nurtured Mama Scottsdale is a haven for expectant and new mothers, providing exceptional prenatal and postpartum massage therapy. Nestled in the heart of Scottsdale, it offers more than just relaxation; it offers a lifeline of support during the transformative journey of motherhood.  As a Phoenix Maternity Photographer, I’m so excited to share all about this resource for you expecting mamas!

pregnant mom in a velvet rust dress holding her belly while putting her hand on her 5 year old son next to her after getting a massage at Nurtured Mama ScottsdaleAbout Nurtured Mama Scottsdale

Founded in 2012, The Nurtured Mama has been a resource of comfort for countless mothers across the valley. Led by the nurturing touch of owner and Licensed Massage Therapist, Meli Leon, the team is dedicated to creating an intimate setting that promotes holistic well-being. What sets them apart is their extensive network of pregnancy professionals, including doulas, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and midwives.

Fun fact: The Nurtured Mama boasts a team of seven highly skilled and licensed massage therapists, each with a passion for empowering mothers through their unique specialties.

Benefits of Massage Therapy for Pregnancy & Postpartum

As they recently shared in their social media, almost half of adults in the US will experience a mental health challenge during their lifetime. However, a growing body of research is supporting the positive impact of massage therapy for relief of stress, anxiety, and depression. In fact, many studies show that it can provide benefits similar to psychotherapy for certain conditions.

Prenatal Massage has multiple benefits.  Firstly, it can help with your emotional health as an expecting or new mom.  Next, it helps with increased circulation, ensuring you and your baby are getting sufficient blood flow.  Third, prenatal massage helps with aches and pains, stiffness and even swelling. Fourth, it can have a positive impact on your labor and birth outcome.  And lastly, prenatal and postpartum massage can be a huge stress reducer.

In the words of Meli Leon, “Carrying a child is one of the most special times in a woman’s life…” The Nurtured Mama’s mission is to provide unwavering support, allowing mothers to embrace this extraordinary phase with grace, ease, and minimal strain.

pregnant mom wearing a velvet rust gown looking over her shoulder while holding her belly with the sun shining behind her at the Salt RiverSpecialties & Services

Nurtured Mama Scottsdale specializes in Prenatal and Postpartum Massage Therapy, catering to mothers at all stages of pregnancy. They will perform the massage in a comfortable side-lying position to accommodate your growing belly.  You’ll have both 60 or 90 min options to choose from.  Even high-risk pregnancies are accommodated with a note from the attending OB/Midwife.

They offer a variety of massage options for every stage of motherhood including: Yoni Hydrotherapy, Birth Preparation Massage, C-Section Recovery Massage, Lactation Massage, Recovery After Loss Massage, Postpartum Massage and even Infant Massage Therapy.

As an expecting and new mother, the wear and tear that pregnancy and birth can have on your body can cause extra fatigue, soreness, mood swings and overall imbalance in your body.  Having regular therapeutic massage throughout your motherhood journey can help balance and heal your body while giving you the much needed ‘me-time’ that can feel so hard to get once you become a mom.

Pregnancy Massage

‘Prepare for Birth Massage’, offered from 39 weeks with professional approval, combines therapies like guided imagery, essential oils, pressure points, and massage techniques to help prepare both your body and mind for the arrival of your little one.

Yoni Hydrotherapy

An additional service offered is Yoni Hydrotherapy Natural Gynecology.  This is an ancient practice that aids in female health, offering relief from various conditions such as menstrual cramps, vaginal dryness, and even supporting fertility challenges.

Postpartum Massage

When it comes to healing postpartum, taking care of you is the best thing you can do for both you and your baby. Massage therapy can help alleviate stress and anxiety while hormones are changing after birth.  Not only does Nurtured Mama offer postpartum massage therapy, they can connect you with local resources if you find that you are struggling with Baby Blues or Postpartum Mental Health struggles after your baby is born.

Some of your options for postpartum massage include Lymphatic Post C-Section, Lactation massage, and a Recovery After Loss massage.

C-Sections can be a slow, painful process. Lymphatic massage can gently reduce swelling, improve mobility, reduce pain and promote the healing process.  The first session is generally 2-3 weeks after birth.  They recommend multiple sessions to experience the full benefit.

Lactation Massage

Their Lactation Massage increases milk flow, relieves engorgement, and clogged and/or infected milk ducts by incorporating  lymphatic drainage, effleurage, acupressure and hot stones. Your level of modesty will always be respected.  The Lactation massage therapist at Nurtured Mama is Certified in Breast Massage by NCTMB.

Pregnancy Loss Recovery

After pregnancy loss, the pain, both emotionally and physically can be immense.  This Recovery Massage service focuses on emotional healing and balance. The massage therapist will use use essential oils, energy work, hot towels and/or stones to help sooth and calm your system.  These massages can be done any time mom is ready.

Infant Massage

Lastly, they even offer an Infant Massage course taught by Davonna Willis, MA, ATC, LMT, which is a great way to learn the benefits and techniques of giving your baby and young children massages.  Infant Massage offers guided bonding, encourages development, helps release gas (reflux / GI support) and promotes quality sleep. 

Mom and dad laying on a blanket at the Salt River with their 5 year old son while holding on to the pregnant mamas belly in the Phoenix desert

Why Choose Nurtured Mama Scottsdale

Choosing Nurtured Mama Scottsdale for prenatal and postpartum wellness is a decision that you won’t regret.  Their expert team understands the emotional roller-coaster of pregnancy and postpartum, providing a safe space for mothers to rejuvenate and restore.

Moreover, Nurtured Mama Scottsdale’s approach extends beyond massage therapy. Their comprehensive network of professionals ensures that every aspect of a mother’s well-being is tended to, from emotional support to physical recovery.

In other words, when you choose Nurtured Mama Scottsdale, you’re not just choosing a massage; you’re choosing a supportive community that embraces and empowers you on your journey to motherhood. Prioritize your health so you can feel nurtured, supported, and celebrated at The Nurtured Mama. Your well-being, and that of your little one, will thank you.

As a mother myself, I understand the how fleeting the journey of pregnancy and postpartum can feel.  That’s why I love to capture the motherhood journey as a maternity and newborn photographer here in Phoenix. I’d love to help you plan your maternity and newborn session. Send me an email so we can get started!

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