The Nanny Joynt: Finding the Perfect Nanny for your Family

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When you’re a parent juggling a thousand responsibilities, the ultimate challenge is balancing work, family, and childcare. Finding trustworthy, reliable and well-equipped childcare is where The Nanny Joynt comes in. Their award-winning agency is dedicated to making the process of hiring a nanny a joyful one. Whether you’re in need of a full-time, part-time, or on-call nanny, The Nanny Joynt is your trusted advisor in finding the perfect fit for your family.

About The Nanny Joynt

Founded by Trisha Pfeiffer, an Arizona native with over 15 years experience as a professional nanny, household manager, and newborn care specialist, The Nanny Joynt has been serving families since 2011. Besides her own professional experience in childcare, Trisha is a mom of three.  She knows how important it is to find a Nanny who is the right fit, both for your family’s lifestyle and also as a role model for your kids.  Her agency makes sure to spend time getting to know you and your needs as well as the skills and personalities of their nannies, to help you find the absolute best fit.

The Nanny Joynt team comprises dedicated professionals who understand the unique needs of each family. Their commitment to each family’s needs is reflected in their meticulous 7-step screening process, ensuring that you have access to the best possible candidates for your family.

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Their Team and Mission

At The Nanny Joynt, the mission is clear: to create a safe, nurturing, and positive environment for families and nannies to grow together. Therefore, through mutual respect and admiration, professional relationships develop over time into something deeper, forming impactful, lifelong connections.

Consequently, the team is more than just a group of professionals – they’re a family of caregivers dedicated to nurturing your children. When they’re not playing matchmaker, you’ll find them cherishing moments with their own families, dancing, traveling, and reveling in the joys of parenthood.

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Products & Services

Hiring a nanny shouldn’t be a stressful process. The Nanny Joynt’s signature screening process eliminates the need for hours of resume reading and reference chasing. They do the hard work for you, leaving you to experience the enjoyable part – meeting your perfect nanny.

Choose from a range of placement options, including full-time or part-time nannies, nanny house managers, newborn care specialists, night nannies, and more. The Nanny Joynt understands that each family is unique, and they cater their offerings to suit your specific household needs.

The hiring process is simple and straightforward.  First, they prioritize understanding your needs and preferences through a comprehensive questionnaire and a one-hour in-home visit to discuss the process and your priorities. 

Second, after gathering valuable information about your family’s goals, they will carefully select fully screened candidates, offering you custom profiles of the top potential fits. They also assist in setting up in-person interviews, providing you with sample questions for the interview so you feel prepared and excited! 

Last, once you’ve found the ideal candidate, their placement team helps with the job offer process, ensuring all parties are in agreement and satisfied with the terms of work. The Nanny Joynt even assists in finalizing work agreements and connects you with payroll partners for seamless tax and payroll setup. They even provide ongoing guidance and assistance when you are first getting to know and rely on your new nanny.  In short, they are like family, guiding you step by step through the process so you can feel confident in your childcare choices.

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The Nanny Joynt

As mothers, we know how precious our time and energy is.  Finding the right support for our family’s needs shouldn’t sap us of that precious time, but be a seamless and stress free process that helps give us back that precious commodity!  The Nanny Joynt simplifies the process, providing personalized care and attention from the very beginning. With a team that’s passionate about creating meaningful connections and a commitment to quality, you can trust The Nanny Joynt to help you find the perfect full-time, part-time, or on-call nanny for your family.

In other words, The Nanny Joynt isn’t just an agency; it’s a partner in your journey of parenthood, dedicated to making the process of hiring a nanny joyful and smooth.

So why wait? Connect with The Nanny Joynt today and take the first step towards finding the perfect caregiver for your family.

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