Why you should plan your next family session in your home


I have seen and created some beautiful family photos at some really beautiful locations in the Phoenix Valley area. From rivers to desert to cool urban vibes, it is really so much fun to create artwork using nature and city as a backdrop.

But I’ve also captured some really precious images of families doing simple and yet heart warming ever day things right in their homes and I wanted to share some reasons why you might want to consider planning your next family photo session in your home, wherever that may be in and around Phoenix.

In-Home Family Sessions are More Intimate

The intimacy of doing a session in your home means you and your family can feel more relaxed and be more themselves. This is especially important if any of your kids or your husband is particularly shy, because being in their own safe environment will allow them to show their true personality while I’m there instead of feel overwhelmed by a new environment on top of being photographed

Your family photos will be unique

There are lots of people who have taken photos at the Salt River or in Downtown Phoenix, and although I love those areas soooo much for photos and just to go visit, they won’t be unique to YOU and YOUR family! When you do a session in your home or backyard, it’s going to feel special and be like nothing anyone else has ever created or done. If you want something special and different, doing family photos in your home is a great place to start!

In-Home Photography Means Documenting Real Life

My style is anyway a blend of traditional, candid and documentary photography. When you do family photos in your home, though, this really ups the ability for me to document a slice of your real life! We can plan an activity that your family anyway enjoys – eating ice cream, playing a board game, throwing ball, or just sitting together on the couch. We will plan something simple, yet fun so that your photos will reflect your real life in a way that is artistic and beautiful

Your Photos Can Have both Indoor and Outdoor Aesthetic

If you have a yard, we can do a mix of photos both inside your home and outside in your yard. This gives a greater variety to your final gallery of images and also helps break up the session for antsy kids and adults to help give us more options to have fun and relax together.

You can easily include your pet

Whether you have a dog, cat, bunny or hamster (or a combination), when you do family photos in your home, you can include them in our session (safety permitted). If your family pet is considered a part of the family, including them in your in home photo session will be yet another way to have a photo experience like none other.

I always do newborn photos in client’s homes for many of the same reasons, but choosing to do your next family photo session in your home, especially with big kids is such a great way to have a fun, meaningful and unique family photographer experience. Keep scrolling to see more images of an in-home family sunset photo shoot and click below if your’e ready to get more info about booking a photo session with me!

Phoenix In-Home Family Photography session


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