Cherry Blossom Doulas provide loving support to expecting families

Pregnant mother stands in the Salt River holding her tummy thinking about her support team at cherry blossom doulas

Pregnant mother stands in the Salt River holding her tummy thinking about her support team at cherry blossom doulasSo, you’ve just discovered you’re pregnant—exciting times ahead! But with pregnancy come questions: what do you need to know? What’s it going to be like? How will you figure it all out? Who will you ask for advice from? As your journey progresses, you’ll crave more knowledge and support. That’s where Cherry Blossom Doulas steps in. They’re a compassionate group of birth and postpartum experts.  Read more about their care and learn how they can guide you through every step of your beautiful motherhood journey.

Cherry Blossom Doulas provide expert care to pregnant & postpartum moms

Cherry Blossom Doulas boasts a team of dedicated professionals, each bringing a unique set of skills and experiences to the table. Alyssa Leon, the founder leads with a passion for empowering women through childbirth and beyond.  Alyssa’s journey from motherhood to doula work paved the way for Cherry Blossom’s mission: to ensure every woman feels heard, supported, and empowered during the beautiful journey of childbirth.

The Birth Team

Additionally, Megan, a DONA-certified Birth Doula, has been a pillar of support for Phoenix families for over eight years. With her warm demeanor and extensive knowledge, Megan ensures that every birthing person feels empowered and cherished throughout their labor journey.

Similarly, Hannah, a certified Holistic Birth Doula and Birthkeeper, infuses the birth space with unwavering emotional and physical support, guiding women toward empowered, informed births.

The Postpartum Team

For their postpartum support, Jennifer Magnano is VP & Director of Postpartum Care with Cherry Blossom Doula Services. She founded The Birth & Postpartum Institute and is the primary virtual doula on their team, with over a decade dedicated to caregiving support.

Lastly, Kristy is a postpartum doula for Cherry Blossom after working as a birth doula for them for many years.  As a Postpartum doula she provides a warm & nurturing support style with a very calming presence. Kristy provides new families with breastfeeding and newborn care knowledge, gently holding their hands through their 4th trimester journey.

a family of four standing at the edge of the Salt River while pregnant mom in a beautiful white dress holds the hands of her two little kids and her husband looks on

The Services Offered

Birth Doula Support

Their original service, birth doula support is a cornerstone of the Cherry Blossom Doulas experience.    Their all-encompassing approach emphasizes evidence-based care.  This ensures that expecting mothers feel confident and informed throughout their birthing journey. Hiring a birth doula to help you navigate labor pains or advocate for your birth preferences means you can embrace childbirth with presence and grace.

Postpartum Care

After childbirth, you’ll find yourself in the fourth trimester – the first three months after baby is born.  This time postpartum is an especially vulnerable and raw time for most women.  You’ll want to have nurturing and unwavering support to help you transition easily.  Their compassionate postpartum doulas offer holistic care, focusing on rest, nourishment, and emotional well-being. By drawing from ancient wisdom traditions and contemporary postpartum practices, Cherry Blossom Doulas ensures that families receive the support they need to thrive during the fourth trimester and beyond.

Placenta Encapsulation

For mothers seeking additional support during the postpartum period, Cherry Blossom Doulas offers placenta encapsulation services. This natural remedy harnesses the benefits of the placenta, promoting hormone balance, increased energy levels, and faster postpartum recovery. With their meticulous preparation process, you can be certain that your remedy will be tailored to meet your unique needs.

Birth Photography

In addition to their doula services, Cherry Blossom offers exquisite birth photography to immortalize the tender moments of childbirth. Their skilled birth photographers understand the importance of preserving these memories.  They work discreetly to capture the raw beauty of each birth experience. From your baby’s first to daddy’s first time holding your little one, you should hire one of their birth photographers to ensures that every moment is encapsulated in stunning detail.

Pregnant woman holds her hands around her belly while looking to the side surrounded by the glowing light and Phoenix mountains

Cherry Blossom Doulas

In conclusion, this amazing group of women stand as a beacon of light for expecting mothers in the Phoenix Valley and beyond.  Cherry Blossom Doulas are committed to providing you with stellar support and education.  They are changing the motherhood experience, one mother-baby at a time.

If you are expecting and want to capture this special journey as you become a new mom, consider hiring a Phoenix Maternity Photographer.  Since maternity photos help preserve the fleeting moments of pregnancy, you’ll want to hire a professional.  The experience will help you feel cherished and loved and these photos will be a reminder of the anticipation surrounding the arrival of your new baby.

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