Why New Moms Love Aurora Midwifery in Mesa, AZ

mother caresses her pregnant stomach while wrapped in soft light outdoors

mother caresses her pregnant stomach while wrapped in soft light outdoorsFor new and expectant mothers, the journey of pregnancy and childbirth brings both excitement and uncertainty. The search for a care provider who resonates with personal values and desires is crucial. Homebirth midwifery care with Aurora Midwifery, stands out as a beacon of personalized, compassionate, and evidence-based support, empowering mothers to navigate their birthing journey with confidence and strength.

About Aurora Midwifery in Phoenix, AZ

If you are looking for prenatal care in Phoenix, AZ that will support and empower you throughout your pregnancy, then Aurora Midwifery should be a key option.   Their approach to prenatal care is rooted in deeply held beliefs about birth’s transformative nature and the vital importance of supporting women throughout this profound experience. Committed to empowering women and families, Aurora Midwifery prioritizes informed choice and autonomy in maternity care. The belief in every woman’s right to make decisions about her body and birth experience drives their practice. The team helps you create a personalized birth plan and offers transparent communication.  You will feel empowered to play an active role in your prenatal care, making decisions aligned with your values and preferences.

At Aurora Midwifery, every expectant mother is valued for her inherent strength and intuition. Their philosophy revolves around client-centered care, championing the belief that each woman’s body knows best. Rejecting fear-based narratives, they will empower you as a new mother to make informed decisions and embrace the sacredness of childbirth as a transformative journey.

pregnant wife holding her tummy wearing a maroon floral dress while her husband holds her hand and kisses her temple at an outdoor maternity photo sessionMidwifery Team Model

Furthermore, Aurora Midwifery’s commitment to a group practice model underscores their dedication to holistic and natural women’s healthcare. By assembling a team of skilled and compassionate midwives, they ensure that each mother receives personalized support while prioritizing the well-being and balance of their team. Through regular collaboration and a focus on sustainability, they deliver exceptional care that is nurturing and empowering.

The team, led by Alyssa Johns, a Certified Professional Midwife with a Master’s in Education, is dedicated to providing comprehensive and holistic care that addresses the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of each individual. Since their team is comprehensive including primary midwives Lisette Pena, Dwan Price-Katz, and Mona Ziems, they can offer a wealth of knowledge, experience, and compassion, ensuring mothers receive the highest quality of care.

pregnant mom posing in front of a Phoenix cactus chooses homebirth with Aurora MidwiferyHomebirth Services

Aurora Midwifery provides a comprehensive range of services tailored to support mothers throughout their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey:

The main service offered includes homebirth midwifery for expecting mothers and families throughout the Phoenix, AZ valley and beyond.  With the beauty and intimacy of home birth, mothers experience the comfort of their own space surrounded by loved ones. Using a personalized approach for maternity care, the focus is on education, safetyl and empowerment, guiding mothers through informed decision-making.  Prenatally, they offer hour long visits throughout pregnancy, a midwife and assistant or student attending the birth, 24/7 on call providers for the duration of your pregnancy and postpartum, as well as birth tub usage.

Postpartum Services

Recognizing the challenges of the postpartum period, Aurora Midwifery offers compassionate support to navigate this transition. From breastfeeding assistance to emotional counseling, mothers receive the care and guidance they need to thrive.  Their standard package includes 4-6 postpartum visits for you and baby during the first six weeks, including 2 home visits, postpartum in-home lactation consultation with Melinda Indahl, IBCLC, four Postpartum Meals, monthly group education meetups support groups prenatally and postpartum, and their postpartum course and workbook.

Placenta Encapsulation Services

Another service offered includes Placenta Encapsulation.  Through the healing benefits of placenta encapsulation, you can feel supported throughout your postpartum recovery. Following strict safety standards, certified encapsulators ensure the process is conducted with care and precision.

Reiki and Bodywork Services

Lastly, certified practitioners Alyssa and Lisette offer Reiki sessions to promote calm, balance, and overall well-being during pregnancy and beyond.  Bodywork offers an amazing boost in energy, healing and overall wellness for pregnant and postpartum women.

married couple dance to celebrate their upcoming baby's birth and pregnancy care with Aurora MidwiferyHolistic and Herbal Wellness

By providing a curated selection of herbal products and remedies, Aurora Midwifery supports women’s health and wellness.  They offer natural solutions for natural minded families to common pregnancy and family related health concerns.  They create and offer tinctures, bath blends, salves and medicinal teas, which are available at their various physical locations as well as online.

Aurora Midwifery in Phoenix, AZ

Choosing homebirth midwifery care with Aurora Midwifery means opting for an empowering experience that honors each mother’s unique motherhood experience. In short, you’ll want to hire Aurora Midwifery to be filled with support, confidence and empowered choices.  For mothers seeking a birth experience that celebrates their strength, wisdom, and intuition, Aurora Midwifery is where the journey to empowered birth begins.

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